Paige nodded slowly, gently rubbing her arm. She tilted her head to look at Dean inquisitively, “Like shellshock? Soldiers get it a lot. All that trauma… Siegfried Sassoon had it. I…learnt some of his poetry once…” She murmured quietly, realising how stupid her rambling was becoming. It was strange. She felt guilty. Guilty for him attacking her. Upset that she caused a flashback, something that triggered a moment of pain for this man before her and now he was being painted as the bad guy because of it.

"Well that’s easy. I’ve seen all The Bourne series. You just dye your hair, change your car and then you’re fine."

"Yeah… shellshock." Dean muttered. If only it was as simple as memories of war. He had been a soldier in a war against the dark since he was old enough to shoot straight. Hell, hell was a different matter. 

"Change my car?" he laughed, "There’s no way in hell I would abandon my baby like that."


"Then what is it? Some disorder? Some…weird reaction to people being nice?" She queried, wrapping her arms against her body, trying to work it out, "You know…people are looking for you. You um…you should be careful. I can’t believe I’m actually telling you to be careful…"

Dean shrugged. He had some theories about what was happening, but the only way to be sure would be to talk about it with a shrink, and there was no way in hell that was going to happen. 

"I…I had a while where things were really… rough. I think you might’a triggered a flashback or somethin’."

He smiled grimly. “Yeah, I know. I’ve been watching the news, holed up in my motel room. It’s making it damn hard to get anything done.”


She arched a brow at the man before her, blinking at him in surprise. He didn’t seem nuts. “Well no offence, but going around cutting up girls and scaring the shit outta them isn’t the best way to go about it.”

Lowering her hands, Paige wrung her hands out as though she were trying to shake off the situation before them, “You know, an apology doesn’t cut it, right?”

Dean cast his eyes down, shifting his weight from foot to foot. His voice was quiet when he spoke. “I…I know. I don’t know what to do, but you should know that I would never… I would never have laid a hand on you if could have helped it.”


Paige looked at the man in disbelief, slowly morphing into confusion as she realised he genuinely believed all this. She glanced around the area quickly, wanting to ensure this constantly mentioned ‘Sam’ wasn’t going to just pop up out of nowhere. He actually believed these things existed - he posed as an FBI agent, thinking he was ‘saving’ those poor women who disappeared. What nut case was she facing?

Hiding away her keys, she held up her hands to show him she wasn’t about to hurt him, “Look…I don’t know if you’ve missed out on your meds or what, but we need to find you someone that can help, alright?”

Dean rolled his eyes as Paige held her hands out, palms open: the universal sign for ‘I’m unarmed’. 

"You may not believe me, but I’m not crazy. But this is the truth. There is something out there, hunting people down and snatching them up, leaving no trace. And I plan on stopping it. I’m sorry you got involved in all of this, but it is best if you just turn around and go on home. Forget about what I said, forget about the missing people, and forget about me."


"By killing innocent girls? Is that what this is? Some stupid cult thing, trying to get the girls that don’t fit in, the ones that aren’t what you like?" She asked, her fingers clenched tight around the keys, holding them at her side, ready to plunge them into his eyes if need be, "Did I not fit into your scheme after all? Do you prefer it when they fight back instead of begging for their lives?"

"Christ!" he growled, spinning on his heel and pacing away. She had every right to be angry, but she just wasn’t getting it. Throwing his hands up in the air, he turned to face her.

"Okay, you want the whole truth? Sam and I hunt monsters. Every horror story you heard as a child, every ghoul goblin and werewolf: they are all real. And they are deadly. We think that these disappearances aren’t being caused by a someone, but by a something.” his face was like stone, set in a serious expression in the dim light of the alley. 

"What happened to you, that was an accident, and I’m sorry."


Her grip on the keys tightened as she glared at the man before her, her jaw clenched and her hands shaking in anger. The keys lightly jingled in the angry silence.

"Like me? The Feds can’t handle me so you had to come slice me up, Hm?! Is that how it is? Then why did you stop? You make it sound like you were doing the world a favour."

Dean narrowed his eyes, advancing forward, invading the woman’s space. His voice was rough as he spoke, his face dark. 

What happened, well. That was an accident. If I thought for a second you were… the kind of issue that Sammy and I take care of, you would not have made it out of that flower shop. And trust me, we have done more for the world than you can ever imagine.”

Man on Fire: daintydaisiespaigelasko: Paige carried on her small pilgrimage towards...


Paige carried on her small pilgrimage towards the deli that was near by. It was a small, family owned place that knew their customers and it served them well. The Gerick’s knew how your mother was doing, were constantly asking after that brother of your and wanted to find out if Old Terry had done a good job on your car or not. They also sold the best sandwiches in town. Around twelve thirty until half one, Paige knew the place would be filled to the rafters with customer after customer asking for their ‘usual’ something that Mr Gerick took delight in remembering or would chuckle if he got that one tiny thing wrong.

Sifting through her change brought an abrupt stop to her journey, however. With a sigh, Paige realised she was a dollar short. Mr Gerick wouldn’t mind at all, but she would. It wasn’t so much the feeling of owing someone that Paige minded as much as it was the depending on the other to fulfil what she couldn’t. She had a half hour before the rush of people started. Even with her injured leg she could make it there in time to miss the crowed and she was sure Mr. Gerrick wouldn’t want to bring up everything that happened to her. And he would certainly glare at Mrs Gerrick to ensure her lack of tact was under mor control than it usually was.

Turning to hobble back to the store, Paige stopped when she caught sight of the stooped figure. Sh blinked once, twice, but he didn’t disappear. Instead he stood and turned to face her as she yelled out, “Stop! Don’t you dare move!”

"Stop! Don’t you dare move!"

Dean froze, eyes glued to the familiar form hobbling towards him down the street.

"Shit." He cursed under his breath, his pulse loud in his ears. 

He stood for a moment, glued in place with panic, before he turned. He quickly darted into the alleyway between two buildings. He came to a halt, booted feet skidding in the gravel of the alley. She deserved answers. She deserved a chance to yell, to confront her attacker. And if this confrontation was going to take place, it was not going to be in the middle of the street. The sound of uneven footsteps echoed up the alley behind him. She was getting closer.

Dean looked around, taking in all possible exits. Mentally he planned escape routes back to the motel and to the impala, so he could make a clean get away should be need one. The footsteps grew closer, changing tone as she moved from cobblestones to gravel. He took his hands from his pockets, holding them open by his sides so she could see he was unarmed. Well, visibly unarmed. A Hunter wouldn’t dare to leave ‘home’ without at least a buck knife and a pistol. He bowed his head, eyes closed, waiting for the yelling to begin.


You never know, love! You might have luck yet!

I don,t wanna godmod, so is it okay to say that Den didn’t manage to scarper and Paige caught up to him somehow?

Go for it, lol. I trust you enough as a writer to not do something stupid. :)

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I will do! Probably after inspecting them and lurking for a few more days, get a feel for things.

I know how see feels. I tried to admin an for for a while when it’s admins abandoned us when some people pointed it a few issues. It kinda took away from the fun, made you feel pressurised for taking on that extra role. I’ve always had big respect for admins after that experience.

That sounds alright! Such an awkward situation for them to be in - Paige obviously scared shitless, but curious as to who the guy is and why the hell he reacted that way and Dean wanting to apologise without being taken away in handcuffs.

I don’t mind admining. I did find it hard to make sure that every starter was responded to, seeing how because of the plot I had set or recent activities the characters engaged in, Dean wouldn’t be able to speak to that person. So that kinda sucked, and I felt bad. But I didn’t mind it. The old rp I was a part of went through some similar changes with the old admins leaving, and a couple of the players taking over. The rp was dying, and really struggling with old players being so focussed on the ships they were in that the poor new players wouldn’t have anyone respond to them. I learned a LOT of do’s and dont’s of how I wanted to run this rp. Not that I got the chance to do much of them. 

It is a shit situation. Poor Paige has no idea what the hell happened, and Dean has an idea, but no way to control it. Do you want to just start out from where I left off the last para? 

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